Incorporated as a town in 1839, the Society of Friends (Quakers) who first settled the area and built several meetinghouses there gave the town its name. Being “plain” people who worked the fields, they used their great parsimony of words to come with the name for their town. Their legacy is honored today by the local high school, whose mascot is the Quaker. Go, Red Pride!

The most exciting thing to ever happen in Plainfield occurred in 1842, when President Martin Van Buren was spilled deliberately from his coach into the thick mud of the highway. The joke—which brought Plainfield national attention at the time—resulted from Van Buren’s vetoing a bill to improve the highway. Old Martin’s veto angered the locals, who set up the ‘accident’ to demonstrate to the President just why a highway improvement bill might be a good idea. Obviously, this was a time before the Secret Service carried fully automatic weapons under their coats. At any rate, there is no record of anyone being named a Domestic Terrorist for such a heinous act, and the nearby elementary school was named after the muddy President.

While our technicians don’t do road work, they can provide you with quality services for your HVAC unit…and won’t insist that a school be named after them. Don’t believe us? Call Solar Bear, and ask!

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