Beech Grove

Located in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the country, Beech Grove is maintains its own police, fire, parks and public works departments despite being surrounding completely by Indianapolis.

Beech Grove began as ‘Beech Grove Farm’, a cooperative venture between M.F. Churchman and George Jackson that raised purebred Jersey cattle—some of the first of this breed imported into this country by Jackson. In part because of this farm, a later railway installation took the name Beech Grove Station, and the area around the Station eventually became the city of Beech Grove. Thus, the name of the city can be traced back to the beech trees that surrounded the Farm, and gave their name to the operation.

Perhaps the most famous early resident of Beech Grove was Mrs. Sarah T. Bolton, author of “Paddle Your Own Canoe” and many other poems. Many residents now enjoy a city park on the site of her home.

The city proper was actually founded as a “company town” for a Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad repair facility. Over the years, mergers and acquisitions have put the shops under the management of the New York Central, Penn Central, and currently Amtrak railroads.

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