Mini Splits

What is a Mini Split?

A Mini Split is a type of heating and air conditioning system where the warm or cold air is produced directly at the unit itself. In a traditional unit, hot or cold air is produced at a central unit and then distributed throughout the home by a series of ducts. Mini Splits have NO ductwork, and are only connected to the compressor unit by a small conduit carrying refrigerant and a power cord. This small conduit—usually only 3” in diameter—moves the refrigerant from the compressor outside to the unit inside, and back again.

Why use a Mini Split?

Mini Split systems generally work best in small rooms, homes or apartments. While some units can support up to four different Mini Splits, the average medium or larger home usually is better served by a traditional, ducted system.

Mini Splits may also be the solution of choice for new construction that is far away from the central unit, or in cases where running traditional ductwork would be difficult or impossible. A Mini Split may also be a good choice for those cases when unsightly ductwork is an issue.

How is the installation of a Mini Split different from a traditional unit?

Installing a Mini Split usually only requires making 3” holes for the refrigerant and power conduit to be passed between the external compressor and the unit. There is also a small tube attached to the Mini Split to allow condensed water to drain away to the outside.

In contrast, running traditional ductwork typically involves cutting large holes in walls, ceilings and/or floors.

What about efficiency?

Mini Splits are generally comparable in efficiency and cost to operate to traditional systems. In some cases, a Mini Split may actually be more efficient, because a large amount of the energy used by traditional systems is used to move air through the ductwork.

Do you install Mini Splits?

Solar Bear installs, repairs, services and cleans Mini Splits as well as all major models and brands of traditional HVAC units. When you speak with a Solar Bear representative, we’ll work with you to find the best possible solution to your heating and cooling needs, be it Mini Split or traditional system.

Remember…NOBODY CARES like the BEAR!

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