Does my HVAC system need regular maintenance?


Think about it this way: your car has lots of moving parts, filters and fluids that need to be checked and adjusted…and it came with a long list of maintenance recommendations about what to check, and when.

Your HVAC has lots of moving parts, filters and fluids that need to be checked and adjusted…but roughly half of us don’t have a regular maintenance schedule for our systems.

How often does my system need maintenance?

Your home HVAC system needs a complete inspection, tune-up and cleaning at least once a year. Many people have their air conditioning system serviced in the spring, and their heater serviced in the fall. In both cases, the units have been sitting idle for several months, and having them serviced right before their busy season can reduce both repair bills and energy costs over the next few months by putting the unit into its best possible operating condition.

What’s involved in a cooling or heating check?

Solar Bear uses a 20 point checklist (insert link to checklist here) for both heating and cooling systems. These checklists focus on those components most likely to need adjustment or maintenance attention, or to fail during normal operation. When the technician has completed this inspection, they will speak with you about what they found, and any adjustments they made. The technician may also have further recommendations, based on their findings, to bring your unit to peak efficiency or prevent problems down the road.

But regular maintenance is so expensive….

So are regular oil changes and tire rotations. But, compared to the cost of a new engine or new car, not so much. Likewise, having regular maintenance done on your home HVAC system can extend the life of the system, catch little problems before they become big repairs, and save you money month to month by keeping your unit operating as efficiently as possible.

Regular maintenance, tune-ups and cleanings are the best way to keep your unit operating smoothly, not only this year, but for years to come.

Remember…NOBODY CARES like the BEAR!

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