Duct Sealing


All these, and more, can get into your house through leaky ductwork. The pollutants can accumulate, until they are blown into your house by your HVAC system. The pests…well, most of them can crawl out of the vents under their own power.

Some rooms too cool, while others always too warm? Impossible to make the house ‘just right’?

Badly leaking or even disconnected ductwork can prevent cooled or warmed air from your HVAC system from getting to where it’s needed, making it difficult to impossible to bring some rooms to a comfortable temperature.

HVAC unit runs almost all the time, and the house is still only marginally comfortable?

Up to 20% of the air moved by your HVAC system can be wasted by leaky ductwork, drastically reducing the efficiency of your system and costing you money!

Some vents never seem to put out any air?

Over time, ductwork can develop leaks, or even detach from vents, grills and other ductwork. It doesn’t matter how warm or cold the air coming from the HVAC is, if the ductwork isn’t properly connected, it may never get to where it needs to be.

Think you might have a problem with leaky ducts?

Call Solar Bear! Our highly trained technicians will perform a complete duct inspection, including assessing the adequacy of your system’s supply and return vents. They will then seal and/or reconnect any leaky or disconnected areas, check and repair any loose duct insulation, apply insulation to ducts where needed, and make sure that all your vents are well-secured to the ducts themselves.

Solar Bear duct sealing ensures that your ducts are in the best possible working order to reduce indoor air pollution, improve efficiency and comfort, and save you money!

Remember…NOBODY CARES like the BEAR!

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